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TRI Hospitality Consulting offers a broad range of consultancy services on hotel-related issues to clients in the private and public sectors across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. TRI Hospitality Consulting is also the only company and consultancy practice to offer full profit and loss benchmarking for the European hotel industry on a monthly basis through its proprietary hotel performance database - HotStats.  We have advised clients across more than 150 countries, at all market levels, from deluxe hotels to roadside lodges. We have offices in London, Dubai and Madrid.

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Litmus has been privileged to work with Caterer and Hotelkeeper in the preparation of the nominee’s dossiers used in the judging process.

Our unrivalled expertise in the delivery of consumer insight research projects within the wider hospitality sector assisted us in providing insightful profiles for consideration. Litmus is rapidly emerging as the partner of choice by those operating within the food service and FM sector who are seeking to modernise their approach to consumer research. Our research services enable our clients to clearly identify their consumers’ issues and then rank their importance.  The result is coherent management information that facilitates the ability to quickly make appropriate changes that will bring about an improved end user experience, leading to greater profitability and loyalty from the customer base. Individual or global businesses, across every hospitality sector, at home and abroad are benefiting from sharing their research challenges with Litmus.

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